What Are Some Art Supplies?

There are several essential supplies you’ll need when you start making art. Basic drawing materials include markers, crayons, and colored pencils. You can purchase cheap brands like Crayola, but if you want better colors, you should go with more expensive brands. You’ll also need a sharpener. Watercolor paper, canvas, and Graphite pencils are all great options to start with. You can also buy Copic markers, which are especially useful for blending colors. If you are looking to buy art supplies in UAE online, consider this valuable information. 

Watercolor paper:

The first question you might have is, “What is watercolor paper?” There are several different types, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. There is hot-press and cold-press paper. Cold-press paper has a more textured surface than hot-press paper, which is great for detailed paintings. It is easy to control the amount of paint on a cold-press paper. On the other hand, hot-press paper is completely smooth. It blends much easier.


Canvas art supplies come in various styles and types to suit different needs. Traditional painting techniques, mixed media, aerosol art, home decor, and craft projects make great use of this versatile material. An all-purpose canvas is an economical option for any artist. It is made of unbleached 5 oz. Cotton duck is primed with acid-free black acrylic gesso. The surface is drum-tight and offers a smooth finish for acrylics and oils. Its 3/4-inch depth profile and solid finger-joint free bars provide the perfect surface for various mediums.

Graphite pencils:

Graphite pencils are indispensable art supplies. Drawing and sketching are impossible without them. These art supplies are available in several graphite grades, allowing artists to achieve varying degrees of sharpness, blackness, and fine lines. The B and H grades are the softer versions of the two; the HB and 2B pencils are for general use. Graphite pencils of the highest quality have several hardness and blackness levels.

Copic markers:

Unlike traditional paints, which are expensive, Copic markers are relatively cheap. Compared to paints, brushes, and supports, Copic markers can be used anywhere and do not cause a mess. In addition, they can be used to create gradient effects without the need to apply too much pressure or blend colors too much. Whether you are using them to paint a room or a child’s drawing, Copic markers can be a great asset to your art supplies.