Types of Equipment You Need For Your Cargo Company

There are many different types of cargo transportation equipment available. One type is the RGN trailer and cargo net in Dubai, which can be lowered to the ground. These machines are used to unload container loads and are essential for any transportation company. Another type of equipment that is helpful is specialized cranes. These cranes are used to move large, bulky items and are particularly useful for heavy machinery shipping. Here are the benefits of each type of cargo transportation equipment.


Some of the most valuable cargo handling equipment can be seen in shipping companies. Tankers, for instance, are fitted with pumping systems, which can handle hoses from shore. On the other hand, Dry-bulk carriers rely on shore side facilities for loading and unloading. Reefer vessels are designed to have refrigerated cargo holds and large, automated refrigeration systems.

Some of the best cargo-handling equipment can be seen in a company’s fleet. A tanker’s cargo handling equipment can be complicated. For example, a dry-bulk carrier will need a shore side facility to load its cargo, while a reefer vessel is designed with a refrigerated cargo hold. A reefer vessel will have unique cargo-refrigeration systems and pump systems to move refrigerated products from the ship to shore.


A conveyor is one of the most common types of equipment for cargo companies. A tanker has pumps and small cranes to load cargo. Dry-bulk carriers need shoreside facilities for loading and unloading. Some bulk carriers are self-unloading. A reefer vessel will have refrigerated cargo holds and large refrigeration systems. Using a dockside facility to unload cargo will make the process more efficient and safe.

Gantry crane:

A gantry crane is a specialized type of lifting equipment used for cargo handling. A gantry crane can accommodate two or three forty-five-foot containers and is an excellent option for cargo handling. It is important to note that this equipment can also load or unload containers. However, it is essential to know which type of lifter is right for your specific cargo.

Various types of equipment are needed for cargo handling. A conveyor is a machine that loads and unloads containers. A conveyor reduces the risk of damage to goods when manual loading or unloading. In addition to that, a conveyor is a safer choice for workers because it can handle a wide variety of cargo. It is essential to know the kind of lifter you need for your job.