Factors That Cause Anxiety

Many factors can cause anxiety. Some of these factors are internal and some are external. In this article, we will discuss internal factors, physical conditions, genetics, and worrying about bills. You may be surprised at how many of these factors cause anxiety. If you are experiencing this condition, you should visit the best anxiety therapist in Dubai.

Internal vs. external factors:

Anxiety disorders have complex origins and involve an interaction of psychological, social, and biological processes. Stress and life events requiring adaptation are common triggers, as are early familial and school experiences. However, some studies indicate that the relative importance of external and internal factors is not clear. Regardless of the cause, the right treatment for your particular anxiety disorder is crucial.


Although it is unknown whether genes play a role in anxiety, they do influence the level of anxiety in some people. Several genetic polymorphisms, including NR3C1, are associated with the anxiety symptoms of some people. The timing of stressful events in one’s life also affects the level of anxiety. Teenagers seem to be particularly vulnerable to interpersonal stress. Genetic factors that cause anxiety are not yet well understood, but future research will help explain how and why they affect a person’s level of anxiety.

Physical health conditions:

While many physical health conditions are unrelated to anxiety, the two tend to go hand in hand. Physical health concerns are often more concerning when coupled with a mental illness. For example, social anxiety disorder is associated with heart disease, and respiratory conditions are often linked to digestive issues. Despite the strong association between anxiety and physical health, the cause of these two conditions remains unclear. Although both may be caused by environmental or biological factors, there are some generalized similarities between them.


Stressful life events can contribute to anxiety and PTSD. Traumatic events may be violent or even deadly and may cause severe physical injuries. Traumatic experiences can also be triggered by physical pain, such as witnessing death or extreme violence. These experiences can disrupt a person’s job, relationships, and health and can make life difficult.

Panic attacks:

While anxiety disorders are more prevalent among women than men, they can occur at any age. They tend to run in families. However, experts do not know why. People with mental illnesses are more likely to suffer from panic attacks, as are people who abuse drugs and alcohol. Some of the symptoms of a panic attack include feeling as if you’re going to die, numbness in the fingers and toes, and the sensation of dread.