Skills and talents of food photographers

To be true, one does not need any expensive things to produce good photography. Instead you only need a creative mind that can easily generate great ideas. Photographers may employ great and different techniques in different genres to provide better results. So, if you follow some great photographers you might notice that they do not use any special things but are always regarded as the best shot takers. Dubai food photographers have great skills and techniques. 

What you need:

To take good images there are a few things one may require:

  1. A good camera
  2. A macro capability lens
  3. A tripod stands
  4. Reflectors
  5. Lightning
  6. Bounce card
  7. Spray bottle
  8. Props

A good camera

A DSLR is a compulsory part of the life of an Abu Dhabi food photographer as it takes a precise and more accurate photo of the food. It is easier to zoom in and out and also to manage the focus. It provides a great result.

A macro capability lens

These provide a closer look into the great details of the short without the pixels being distorted. And also staying close to your shooting subject provides you a better space area for your work to be done.

A tripod stands

These stands provide stability and great focus. Which is the key to good photography. They eliminate the chances of getting blurred out images.


This is a common need for almost every genre of photography. It is used to subtract and to reflect the light. And there is no exception to this product.


This is also one of the most important part of any genre of photography. One may go for natural lightings or for artificial lights

Bounce card

The bounce card actually adds on to the reflectors. The other way is to adjust the lightning. It is used to generate different light effects.

Spray bottle

An affordable way to make the fresh and crisp food look better is to spray it all time during the photography so that it seems moister. These are easily found online or in grocery store these days.


To make the images look more dynamic, some props can be added to the food plate. The everyday kitchen utensils are a great way to make it look more appropriate. Such as the wooden cutting board, some napkins, spoons or other stuff you own may add to the look.