4 Reasons Why the MBA is a Popular Degree

The MBA Colleges in Dubai has become very popular among aspiring business professionals, as it offers many different avenues for professional development, including entrepreneurship. The Graduate Management Admission Council estimates that about 33 per cent of MBA graduates plan to change careers after graduation. In the years to come, this number will grow even higher. The average salary for an MBA graduate is in the six-figure range, and the degree has a wide range of employment options.

It provides an opportunity to accelerate one’s career trajectory:

Not all people who pursue this degree plan to make a huge transition. Many MBA students are interested in accelerating their professional development within their current company or industry. They may find that earning their MBA allows them to progress to more senior roles at a higher salary. As a result, the MBA program is very beneficial for such students. This degree can be a lifeline for those unsure about their future.

The MBA accelerates career development.

Not every student who decides to pursue the MBA program wants to make a radical change. Some students wish to accelerate their professional development within their current industry. After earning their MBA, they can take on more senior positions, earning more money in the process. If you have a passion for business, you can learn more about it on the job or through online resources. If you have a passion for tech, you can participate in volunteer programs or attend conferences.

Helps boosting your network:

A recent survey of professionals found that 80% of professionals considered their networks very important when securing a job. Furthermore, 70% of people hired for a new job were connected to someone in their network. An MBA program helps students build their professional networks, and this practice comes naturally. The benefits of building a professional network go beyond salary figures. A strong network will boost your career.

A diverse course load:

An MBA program will allow you to specialize in a field you’re passionate about. A business degree can help you build a professional network in many fields, including the arts, sciences, and technology. It will also allow you to specialize in your area of expertise. If you’re interested in a career change, an MBA can help you make that happen. For example, a successful candidate will have the opportunity to switch industries without sacrificing their current position.